Tyranny of Dragons

Session 15

Strike the Head...

Approaching the tower’s only door they found no guards, but upon entering were greeted by four ogres wearing fancy plumed helmets. Still wearing their cultish robes, scabbards and rings the ogres only questioned what the party wanted to Blagothkus and made sure they understood the four of them were his Honor Guard. They easily talked their way past the four ogres and up staircase. On the way up they passed walls sculpted with ice murals depicting an army of hill, frost, fire, stone & cloud giants battling dragons. They knocked as instructed by the ogres and a deep, resonating voice bid them enter. Inside they found the walls of the room sculpted with more icy murals, these depicting cloud giants riding giant rocs against dragons of various colors. A blue-skinned giant was sitting on the floor with his legs crossed while two ogres comb his snowy white hair. Obviously taking them for cultists he immediately warns the party not to share any of Rezmir’s demands or they’d end up like her previous messengers, and points to an area of the floor still marred by chipped ice and frozen blood. Looking up they see his hulking morningstar leaning against the bed within arm’s reach. They diplomatically state they are in fact enemies of Rezmir and the Cult in general, and wonder how a giant has allied himself with his ancient foes as shown in the ice murals. He is only too happy to speak of his plan to stir his fellow giants our of their complacency and into action, thinking they have grown soft, and thrashing some dragons would be good for giantkind. He is playing along with the Cult to learn as much as he can about the plans and forces, but on the side is gathering support among giants to fight them. He believes that the rise of Tiamat and the threat of a dragon empire will spur the giants to unite. He has no conflict with “small folk” like the party and talks openly of his plans to take the vast treasure below with the Cult forces to the Well of Dragons where the cult is gathering its forces and amassing a hoard in anticipation of Tiamat’s arrival. He’s willing to change course and instead head north since he’s learned most of what he thinks he safely can, but will do so only if the party is able to eliminate Rezmir and the two Red Wizards like they have removed the vampire from the picture. He warns them to not harm his Stone Giant allies housed in the lower courtyard but has no real concern for the ogres. Once the party brings him proof they’ve taken care of Rezmir and the two Red Wizards he’ll unleash his ogres on the remaining cultish forces as the party battles the white dragon in the main vault below. Knowing they have only until nightfall before Sandesyl is able to leave her tower and warn Rezmir or the two Red Wizards, the party agrees. They warned the Cloud Giant he and his ogres shouldn’t eat the bullywug tainted stew for lunch but he wasn’t concerned with “small folk” poison, figuring any giant affected by such was weak and got what they deserved. Given it was after lunch and hoping that Rezmir and the Red Wizards might be incapacitated by their ploy along with the cultists in the barracks, they readied themselves for their next battle.

Rezmir’s chamber was locked but that didn’t stop the party for long, though their attempts at forced entry did alert Rezmir and she was ready for them as they moved into her room. She was standing protectively in front of an iron-banded chest secured with a sturdy padlock resting on her desk and flanked by two loyal guard drakes. The party moved in and was surprised by the rug of smothering. It was, of course, then that she leaped into the fray with her magical greatsword laughing maniacally and drakes. She fought as one possessed to her death, and the party was disturbed to see her laugh almost with glee as they finally cut her down. As she fell a great flash of power was felt emanating from that chest she was guarding, and they were not surprised to see it was empty when they finally broke the lock. It likely contained gems, jewelry and coins along with the Black Dragon Mask, but all seemed to have teleported away with her death. They party did claim her evil greatsword, though, at least Callahorn did, which thankfully had stopped its evil laughing with Rezmir’s death.

They didn’t rest long before moving to the chamber on the far side of the lower courtyard from their own quarters where the Red Wizard sanctum was located. Seef managed to distract them with his Cult disguise as they entered, so the wizards didn’t immediately attack them. Rath Modar threatened him with bodily harm just as Azbara Jos recognized Crosby and the others. This brief period of confusion likely proved the wizards undoing as the party quickly overpowered them, preventing either of the wizards from fleeing through the vanishing wall of ice and balcony with magical flight.

After a short rest the party brought their heads to Blagothkus, and he grinned at the gore held before him. He grabbed his massive morningstar and may have briefly considered attacking the party, but instead he rallied his ogre forces. He stated he and his ogres would help defeat the dragon after they’d taken care of removing the remaining cultish forces from his castle, and bid the party good luck in their fight below until then.


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