Campaign Rules

We are using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition rules set for this campaign. Below are clarifications, specific variants and any House Rules we’re using.


We’re using the Milestone Experience system. When the party achieves certain milestones in the adventure they will level up together. This will happen after the group’s next long rest as we’ve always done, not mid-battle. This method allows us to fairly deal with players missing session without the tedium of worrying about XP for each monster, trap and whatnot.


We will be using the Inspiration system described in the PHB Chapter 4. Please ask me if you think you might have earned Inspiration during gameplay as I’m not used to handing it out or thinking about it!

Character Creation

  • Race – any
  • Class – any
  • Ability Scores – Point Buy with 27 points
    Describe your Character
  • Alignment – no Evil PCs; this is PRIVATE information, your colleagues should/could learn this through your actions during play and roleplaying
  • Background – any, if you want to build one let me know and we can discuss it; this is PUBLIC information you will be sharing with everyone
  • Feature – Hoard of the Dragon Queen has two optional adventure specific features PCs can use in place of their Background’s given feature, first come first served, if you’re interested email me with your PC’s info and I’ll see if one of the two makes sense for your character, if it does I’ll offer it to you and you can choose that one or keep the one that comes with your Background
  • Personality Traits – choose two; PRIVATE info, again should come out during play
  • Ideals – choose; PRIVATE info, should come out during play
  • Bond – choose; PRIVATE info unless you and another player agree that somehow the bond involves your two PCs; also Hoard of the Dragon Queen has 10 adventure specific bonds most of which would work with any PC, as with features these are going to first come first served so if you’re interested email me with your PC’s info and I’ll offer you one or two and you are free to choose one of those or instead one listed in your Background
  • Flaw – choose; PRIVATE info, should come out during play
  • Choose Equipment – per Class & Background, you can spend any of your remaining gold as you want on other equipment
  • Trinket – pick 1!

Critical Hits

With a successful critical hit add together your maximum normal damage and your rolled normal damage, essentially like we did with D&D 4e. Because rolling your normal damage twice and getting a bunch of 1s & 2s is just not very fun. :)

Campaign Rules

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