Tyranny of Dragons

Session 9

Waterdeep, Northbound Again, the Carnath Roadhouse

As the caravan arrives at the gates of Waterdeep the caravan masters efficiently pay all of the guards and disperse in all directions. Those three that hired the PCs are told they may use them as references and they’d be interested in having them for similar work in the future. The party members earns their agreed upon wages of 1 gp per day, so 58 gp for each of them. Carlon tells them to follow the Cultists wagon convoy to the north gate and that he’ll learn what he can and catch up with them there later tonight at an inn called the The Frog & Folly.
Callahorn tries following Carlon but loses him fairly quickly in the large crowds and unfamiliar streets. He then checks the main library for some ancient scrolls. He doesn’t make much progress but doesn’t want to tell the archivists exactly what he’s looking for. By evening he hooks up with the rest of the party but hopes to do find time to do some more research.
Katya goes to the Temple of Torm, tithes 50 gp and gives her report to her superiors at the church and in the Order of the Gauntlet along with a letter from Ontharr Frume he asked her to deliver. She learns there have been about 6 such caravans in the last two to three tendays, all following the same pattern of hooking up with caravans headed further north.
Seef tries following Jamna and isn’t surprised when she gives him the slip, he then goes and buys some better armor before visiting a few taverns and learning what rumors abound. The most interesting is about a black half-dragon supposedly seen in the area at least a tenday ago. There are, of course, many versions of the story but it’s pretty easy to tease out that there was a strong escort of mounted guards and they were all headed north.
Crosby spends most of the day tracking down some spells of the second and thirds levels of power he’s interested in at a few of the Waterdeep Wizard Academies.
Yumi is the left to actually follow the Cultist wagons and arrange their lodgings at the Frog & Folly which he does without incident. He is also able to learn that the the Cultists have joined a supply caravan chartered by the High Road Charter Company and that they are provisioning to leave two days hence. Finally he learns that a human veteran named Ardred Briferhew commands the entire convoy and is in charge of hiring all the wagon guards. Once the others arrive they are joined after dinner by Carlon who is able to give them a Harper reference to give to Ardred the following morning to insure they’ll be hired as caravan guards and he also shares that he suspects, but wasn’t able to confirm, that Jamna works for the Zhentarim, which surprises none of them really.
Yumi then slips out as the others head to bed. He follows the signs easily seen for one of the initiated to a cell of his church, tithes 10 gp and informs them about the doppelgängers along the Trade Way to the south so they can possibly be recruited, as well as his possible recruits in Baldur’s Gate. He is able to confirm that Jamna works for the Zhentarim and may be a possible ally.
The following morning they very quickly are hired by Ardred as caravan guards and are asked to be present at sunrise the following morning in the large warehouse. Callahorn returns to his studies of ancient secrets and is more successful, making some progress. Yumi sleeps in a bit before heading to a circus during the afternoon (with Seef) and that night going to a wealthy show before returning to his church for a service and acquiring some poison. Crosby confirms with Katya’s Locate Object spell that his sigil ring is in the warehouse and then explores some of Waterdeep to become more familiar with the large city. After the circus Seef heads back to the inns & taverns near the large supply warehouse and is able to hang out, buy a few drinks and make some friends among the caravan teamsters the party will be leaving with on the morrow. Katya spends the day working @ Torm’s temple.
On Day 3 the party assembles in the large warehouse and find the Cultists are not at all pleased to see the party members among the caravan guards. It’s not clear how many of the Cultists or party members are surprised when Jamna also shows up as a guard. There are the 3 wagons the Cultists have plus 3 others, all laden with supposedly supplies for the new High Road being built. It’s easy for Katya & Crosby to determine as they leave Waterdeep that his signet ring is in the second wagon.
The next several days are pretty easy going giving Yumi a chance to talk with Jamna more about the Zhenatrim (which she doesn’t have any qualms about discussing out of earshot of others) and they learn to respect each other even if ultimately Yumi determines she’s not a good fit for the Zhentarim and that Jamna’s not a good fit for her church.
On the 8th day out of Waterdeep the caravan is attacked by a large force of bullywugs. These prove no match for the party but they are not unhappy to learn one of the cultists was seriously wounded.
In the late afternoon a full tenday out of Waterdeep they arrive at the Carnath Roadhouse, which has been rebuilt and put to use as a supply depot and wagon park. The whole caravan gets settled in and they meet Bog Luck, the superintendent of the camp, a burly half-orc who is the only one with a key to the Strong Room and also, the party notices quickly, happens to have a shortsword scabbard decorated with dragon motifs matching the ones they found on Cultist guards in the Raiders Camp cave.
The following day they figured out unpacking and inventorying one wagon takes a whole day, and the first wagon unloaded was one of the non-Cultist supplies. Very little was considered valuable enough for Bog Luck to direct it be placed in the Strong Room, however as Yumi watched he realized many of the caravan members, teamsters and guards, both Cultists and not, were asking Bog Luck to protect their own personal valuables in the Strong Room.
The second wagon chosen for unloading at Roadhouse on day two was a cultist wagon and most of the contents was placed in the Strong Room while some little things were unpacked and stored in the open warehouse and in the courtyard. Yumi watched this as well. Seef took advantage of the inattentiveness of some drinking Cultists that he was able to use Mage Hand to swipe something special from one of the Cultists, a personal memento that appeared to be a good luck charm of some kind. He also was able to learn while drinking with his teamster friends that Gristle Pete is frequently grumpy because of all the noise he hears below his Kitchen in the wee hours of the night, from what he calls "all the critters in the floors banging and knocking and hissing and whispering at all hours. With a little sympathetic questioning Seef learns they’re not present every night but instead seem to be typically a few nights after one of the supply caravans shows up. He figures all the new people staying at the roadhouse makes those rats nervous!
The next day the second Cultist wagon, the one containing Crosby’s ring as confirmed again by Katya’s Locate Object spell, was chosen and that morning Yumi asks Bog Luck to lock up his Calligraphy set in the Strong Room which he has no problem doing. Yumi has to persuade him to prove that the Strong Room is actually safe and Bog Luck is appropriately proud of the system he’s devised to make sure everyone gets their belongings and only their belongings, mostly due to his meticulous notes in a large ledger book. During this distraction Crosby is able to look around quite awhile invisibly and is able to determine one of the large “heavy” crates is actually bolted to the floor, possibly acting as trap door. He leaves before his spell wears off and the party then makes plans to slip into the Strong Room later that night to check everything out and try to recover Crosby’s Signet ring. Seef, meanwhile, has managed to hide his borrowed good luck charm in one of the other Cultist’s rooms just as that individual starts throwing around accusations about his stolen item. After some deliberation the party chooses to include Jamna in their plans since, while they don’t completely trust her they are sure she’s not in league with the Cultists and they’re sure she could interfere or interrupt their plans unknowingly if she’s off doing something at the same time.
They wait until even Gristle Pete is asleep and a couple hours past midnight creep down and make their way to the Strong Room. Through the door they hear some whispering and muffled banging noises just as Gristle Pete complained about. The lock proves not at all difficult for Seef to open and the party tenses as the swing the door wide. Inside they are confronted with about 10 lizardfolk moving boxes down into a tunnel below the trap door Crosby had discovered!


Has there ever in the history of DnD been a half-orc NPC whom is not a shady individual? This is totally bias. WHERE IS THE HALF-ORC JUSTICE? MY PEOPLE ARE NOT ALL CRIMINALS.


Session 9

You think you’ve got it bad?


Session 9
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