Tyranny of Dragons

Session 7

Joining the Caravan and the first part of the journey

With the help of Frumar’s contact in Baldur’s Gate, the human trader Ackyn Selebon who operates an equipage business in the Outer City north of the city wall in the Blackgate district, the group is able to watch several caravans assembled. With that knowledge they know what to look for and how to join the caravan when the raiders finally arrive. Given how much faster the party traveled they had outpaced the loot raiders’ slow wagons by more than a tenday. With the extra time they are able to enjoy some of what Baldur’s Gate has to offer including each of them purchasing some items of magical power.
Finally the day arrives when Rezmir and her bodyguards come to Selebon’s yard but within a couple of hours they purchase five wagons & supplies and quickly move out with two of them. The other three are prepared more traditionally by the lower ranking cultists disguised as caravan sergeants, guards & drivers. The group is able to scout out and ultimately get hired on as guards with some of the merchants also making preparations to leave on the morrow.
Callahorn & Seef join Edhelri Lewel, a female Moon Elf merchant who’s wagon is loaded with exotic wood from the Jungle of Chult for the master carpenters and cabinetmakers of Waterdeep to turn into exquisite furniture. Her temperament is easily seen within a few hours time, she is impatient with people but exacting about her wagon and doting on her animals.
Yumi joins Lasfelro the Silent, a male Human merchant, who inexplicably breaks into merry songs and short stretches of joke-telling. His voice is a fine tenor and his jokes are hilarious, but these gregarious moods are always short. The rest of the time, he is silent as the grave, staring sullenly at the road ahead, barely moving on the set of his wagon, seeming hardly to breathe. No one knows what he transports in his wagon, but it is guarded by a brooding gargoyle that is tethered to the wagon by a slim, silver chain.
Crosby & Katya join Nyerhite Verther, a male Human merchant, who has a load of Calishite silk that he believes will make him a rich man.
The caravan starts out well enough, but on the second day a noble was regularly seen mistreating his horses. This was very disturbing to Edhelri Lewel so Callahorn tried unsuccessfully to intimidate him to stop. The noble was not so easily cowed, however, when backed by his knight & mage bodyguards. Crosby has more luck with his diplomatic tongue and offers to buy the “useless nags” from him and after the noble’s tirade gets them at a low price. Yumi later on is able to slip some purgative herbs into the noble’s dinner, and great laughter was had by the party with his effort.
On the 4th day as they were navigating through the Fields of the Dead one of the cult wagons overturned on a difficult corner and broke a wheel. Of the crates that tumble free, one smashes open, revealing dozens of beautiful items of jewelry wrapped in wool for protection. Yumi noticed that 3 travelers rushed a bit too quickly to help them recover and hide the items. Crosby offered his help and boldly asked about the treasure; in response he was given canned answers of nothing and it is obvious they mark his interest in their affairs.
On the 11th day several horses were attacked by perytons as traveled the Trollclaws including those guarded by Callahorn & Crosby. They attack relentlessly until they are killed by the party and they gain the respect of many in the caravan as they come to the aid of others.
The next day as they leave the the Trollclaws the entire caravan stops as they spot a herd of deer grazing on a nearby hill including a magnificent stag that shimmers in the light as if its coat is spun from gold and its antlers plated with platinum. Nearly everyone in the caravan who can handle a bow wants to bring down the beast but the party feels this would not be wise. Yumi harasses people to stand down and when that failed Crosby used both sleep and illusion to hinder the hunt. With the combined efforts of Yumi & Callahorn they successfully track it to some tumbled ruins. There it waits for them and greets them in Sylvan first, getting no response it switches to Elvish. With Yumi responding to its greeting it then assures them they are on the right track, and they must continue following the river of gold until they reach the castle in the sky. Sadly, the path will be filled with hardship and blood. To aid them it offers a magical longbow which appears on the ground before Yumi, and then the stag fades from view while saying, “Not all will survive…”.


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