Tyranny of Dragons

Session 11

Making Spattergoo spatter goo

The evening was thankfully uneventful in their lizardfolk-made longhouse as they caught a few hours of rest. With the coming of Shar’s darkness and before Selune’s light spoiled the opportunity the group made it’s way along the east side of the moat. From there the party used their various talents and gear to get everyone to the top of the northeast tower. Winged boots, misty stepping and climbing rope all played their part. Thankfully the bullywugs were just as rowdy and noisy at night as they were prior to duskfall, so the little noise they made mattered not at all. With little effort they were able to enter the top of the tower and nearly immediately were set upon by the giant spiders that laired there. They were easily dispatched and then they were talking with Snapjaw and the other lizardfolk most interested in getting rid of their bullywug tormentors. They had a surprisingly large cache of metal weapons given to them as payment by Dralmorrer Borngray, the cultist in charge of Castle Naerytar, but they were hesitant to engage the bullywugs directly. Finally Snapjaw asked the party to prove their intentions and strength to the other members of his tribe to help convince them; take out the bullywug shaman Pharblex Spattergoo that killed their shaman Suncaller recently. The party was only too happy to oblige with this request figuring having two of the factions attacking each other left only the cultists for the party to deal with.
Through magic and stealth craft the party returned to the roof and moved on top of the barracks. The third floor was unoccupied so they had little trouble breaking in, and from there they were able to magically silence the stairway between the majority of the bullywugs carousing on the first floor of the barracks and Spattergoo with his retinue of guards hangers-on drinking on the second floor. Their coordinated attacks took out nearly all of Spattergoo’s closest defenders in the first few seconds, leaving no bullywug below aware of the attack. Though Spattergoo’s bodyguards put up a decent fight the entire battle lasted less than a couple minutes and no alarm had been raised. Using similar tactics they were able to clear out the first floor as well. They returned to the lizardfolk with Spattergoo’s head and with great hissing shouts the Scaly Death tribe took up their metal weapons, called to the giant lizard handlers, and started slaughtering countless bullywugs throughout the castle and surrounding area. The cultists raised an alarm almost immediately, but prior to that the party infiltrated the inner courtyard and entered the central tower. Since he was alone they quickly overpowered Dralmorrer Borngray and literally baked his raven before a few of his lizardfolk guards came too late to aid him. While listening to the sounds of battle outside they made their way to the third floor and discovered the observatory which Crosby noted almost immediately contained a farseer of Illusk, a magical telescope and scrying device. He also noticed through the roof windows the gargoyle guardians stir themselves and ready their claws to attack.


DrSpunj DrSpunj

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